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March 2013

Meet Bokamoso The Leopard – Zarafa Camp, Botswana

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Meet Bokamoso, the Leopard, she is using this tree to scan for prey not far from Zarafa Camp. The Young Female is almost 3 and half years old so she will have left her mother around two years ago. Bokamoso, meaning future in Setswana, is a very appropriate name for this endangered animal. Protecting these species one by one is critical…

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Staying Active While on Safari – oL Donyo Lodge, Kenya

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Staying Active While on Safari – oL Donyo Lodge, Kenya             Concerned about too much leisure and good eating while on safari? You needn’t worry about that at oL Donyo Lodge where we often host friendly volleyball matches with guests and staff. First, the pitch is set up… including tracing the all-important ‘WELCOME’ Then, let the games…

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Rikki tikki tavi in Botswana – Duba Plains Camp

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A large python, close to 10 feet, was seen last night by tent 1 at Duba, the housekeepers were “awakened” to it during turndown…Nick, the Duba manager, went to see what he could do to calm the ladies and found the snake  busy hunting  under the deckboards…. All of  a sudden the hunter became the hunted as a whole gang…

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New Wild Dog Pack at Selinda Reserve

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A new Wild dog pack on the Selinda Reserve has been discovered.  We have named it the “Explorers Pack” which consists of just 4 individuals.  Led by an Alpha female we suspect  that they have split from a pack from the north, possibly the Kwando area. They are incredibly distinct being very dark.  One of the males is almost completely…

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February News & March mini-migration – Mara Toto camp, Kenya

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“When the stars threw down their spears, And watered heaven with their tears, Did he smile his work to see? Did he who made the lamb make thee?” William Blake In the three weeks it has been since our last report when we mentioned the wildlife moving south into this area, the herds have now (with the rains) fully arrived…

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February News – Zarafa Camp, Botswana

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There are few perfect places in the world, but Zarafa (for want of a piano in the main area) is certainly one of them. I shouldn’t hanker for music with so much wildlife abounding but it’s such an inspirational place that the dulcet tones of a (non ivory) keyboard would not be misplaced at sunset. This month with the humidity…

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February News – Selinda Camp, Botswana

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The breeze coming off the spillway in February helped cool the residents of Selinda reserve and the insects were given haven in the long grass, this has lead to some pretty fantastic birdwatching in the area and the lush greenery adds to the feel of really being out in the bush. There is nothing like driving through a grassy area,…

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