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July 2013

@SafariTart gives Mara Plains a kiss on the cheek

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SafariTart agrees that success is in the detail “I’ve been to over 200 safari lodges and perhaps Dereck and Beverly have been to more, so they understand the combination of offering authentic experiences with the comfort expected by people paying a high price to be there. As you walk up the small slope your eyes are taken to the horizon…

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Speed against technique Tsessbe vs Lion – Duba Plains, Botswana

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  Tsessebe is known to be the fastest antelope. Lions are known to be tactical hunters. It would not be possible for a Lion to out run a Tseessbe, only through cooperative hunting can this be made possible through patience and ambush.  It goes to show that we are developing three strong and mature prides working in unison.  There are…

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Wild Dog female pregnant – Selinda Reserve

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Our Selinda Reserve guides have announced that the Selinda pack’s female is now very pregnant (pictured). This is quite late in the season (denning normally occurs around June) , we are researching the reason for this. This is incredible news and we are on the edges of our seats waiting for the big day.   Selinda Pack Alpha female –…

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Of Meerkats & Men, Luxury Travel magazine – Zarafa Camp, Botswana

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Australia’s Luxury Travel magazine covered Zarafa Camp alongside Chief’s Camp and Jack’s Camp in a recent article. “This is the Selinda Reserve – a wild, unfenced sanctuary straddling the Selinda Spillway, offering some of the most extraordinary game viewing in all of Africa. It is also home to the Zarafa Camp – voted best safari camp in Africa in the 2013…

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The Diaries of OT and the Duba Lions, Botswana

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OT’s DUBA LION DIARIES The month of June was a very sad one for Duba lions after losing what they would refer to as a mother and a grandmother to most of these lions found in the area. The unfortunate death happened on the 06th of June.  Mosadimogolo (Old lady), as we would call her was found one morning laying on the marshes of Duba plains lifeless…

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Selinda Reserve Roan

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Roan antelope are one of our most “elegant” mammal species that you can see on the Selinda Reserve. Not only three years ago these were incredibly shy, and to get a distant image was quite luckily.  Today, and seven years on since the concessions hunting completely stopped, we often see a herd by the Selinda airstrip grazing on the open…

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July news – Mara Plains & Mara Toto camps, Kenya

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“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find ways in which you yourself have altered” Nelson Mandela Supa, Hujambo and Hello to you from the central Masai Mara. It has been forever since our last report and for that we would like to apologize and also to clutch at excuses such as.. Opening the all…

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