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September 2013

look beyond the beasties

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Like every business, the top of the chain always works ahead of the curve whether it being offering something nobody else has thought of, an innovative marketing scheme or dedicated individuals that add their passion and expertise to change the formula once thought as the highest level. The safari industry is always developing and staying ahead of the curve is…

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Complimentary Helicopter transfer – Great Plains Botswana

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We did our first complimentary booking from Zarafa to Duba on the 10th of September for Mr. and Mrs. Cleverland. Mitch, the pilot, flew them the length of the spillway, on a stunning scenic trip, before having a complimentary surprise champagne stop on a remote palm island. After the 15 minute stopover the helicopter lifted for the remaining 10 minute…

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Lions killing giraffe at Selinda

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The two female lions have just killed a fully grown giraffe, not even five minutes from camp. Amazing! This is a big meal for the two lionesses and their cubs. Will they be able to protect their kill from other predators such as hyena? Stay tuned! We will update you. by Eva Spyridis, Camp Manager

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August News – Mara Plains and Mara Toto, Kenya

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‘Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not’. The Lorax, Dr Seuss A very warm hello from the Mara and the whole team here on the plains where we are all wrapped up and wearing layers against our winter and what we consider to be cold. In truth despite the cooler…

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The images of Dicks – Selinda Camp, Botswana

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Ditshebo Tsima Our Selinda Guide – known as “Dicks” has produced some of the most incredible “in action” shots this season at Selinda, here is just a small sample of many.       The Selinda Reserve has an incredible number of Lion Cubs at present.  One pride of 4 females claim 9 cubs  When there are so many Lions…

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August News – Selinda Camp, Botswana

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 Dispatches from Selinda Camp August 2013 Denning dogs nearby Elephants in camp daily Multiple Leopard cup sightings Daily Hippos around Camp Wild Dogs killing in camp Lions roaring in the morning by camp Cheetahs hunting   August is still considered winter in Botswana but it has been a mild one at Selinda. In contrast to the weather, sightings have been…

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