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10 Reasons to Join Wild Studio for a wild photo safari

By 10th Apr 2017Nov 12th, 2018Wild Studio

It’s time for your trip of a lifetime. You’ve committed to going on safari and you can’t wait to immerse yourself in the African savannah with all its sights and smells. You’d really like to improve your photography so that when you’re back home, the images you share live up to the amazing sights. But perhaps you’re not sure that you want to devote that much time to a full photo safari or you think that other members of the family might not be as keen. Well, let us tell you that Wild Studio would be perfect for you and here’s why:

10 Reasons to join Great Plains Wild Studio

1. Three night programs: You do not have to commit your whole holiday to being on a photo safari. Instead spend 3 to 6 nights learning new photographic skills and techniques you can then use on the rest of your trip.

2. All abilities are welcome: From dedicated photographers with years of experience to smartphones users, all are welcome and receive personalised guidance and tuition.

3. Perfect time of year: The photo season provides many photographic benefits and a great price point. A lush green backdrop to your images provides a stunning contrasting photograph. Many professional photographers prefer this time of year to travel.

4. Contribute to conservation research: Contribute to our conservation work with the University of Surrey, UK in testing facial recognition technology with Big Cats

5. Great for families: Great Plains Wild Studio tuition is fun and inclusive of all levels and ages. Smart phones are a perfect compliment to more advanced cameras therefore everyone can contribute to a wildlife portfolio

6. Non-photographers: We design the workshops so non-photographers can also contribute and enjoy the experience

7. Diverse portfolio of images: As part of the Great Plains Wild Studio workshop guests are shown how to build and edit a portfolio of images reflecting their own creativity and style, which can then be shared

8. Creativity at the forefront: At Great Plains Wild Studio we don’t let the camera drive the experience but use it as a tool. We encourage you to see, feel and learn about the nature and regions before we start photographing

9. Photographer-guides from the country you visit: Great Plains Wild Studio specialist photographic guides are based in the country you visit bringing unrivalled insight and knowledge to the regions

10. Become a conservation photographer: Guests not only learn photographic techniques but also the conservation stories behind the animals and landscapes they photograph, making them ambassadors for Africa’s wildlife and wild places when they return home

So take that plunge and add this extra exciting layer to your safari. We’re sure that in years to come, you’ll be looking through your own iBook and you’ll still be thrilled that you did this photo safari.