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12 Days To A Brighter Future

Reflections on the year

As I write this, Beverly and I are on a plane to Kenya, our first ‘escape’ into the wild after ten months, the longest we have slept indoors and under a roof in our lives. Tonight, we will be in a tent with stars almost touching the canvas and lions calling in the distance. By the time you read this, I’ll have filmed a leopard and cheetah and spent that reflective moment I so hunger for with elephants.

During this time of reflection on what a complicated, sometimes challenging, year it has been for everyone, I am reminded that all our lives have changed. The way we live has changed. But for Beverly and me, and our team at Great Plains, this period has brought the critical need for wild places where we can reconnect with ourselves and our surroundings into clear focus.

As our gift to you, over the next 12-days, we will be sharing 12 Great Plains Foundation’s initiatives and programs that ensure the conservation continues, protecting wild places and the livelihoods of those who live in and among them. These projects are a shining example of what can be accomplished when working together towards a bright future, achieving more through collaboration and a shared vision.

Now is not the time to give you drawings of our next camp or speak about safety protocols. Instead, we are nurturing the Great Plains effort of Care via our Foundation.

You can also support our 12-Days of a Brighter Future campaign here. Each day, over the next 12 days, a new opportunity to support will be featured so please feel free to check in regularly!

I am reminded of Beverly and my process of listening to the bush to understand it. I want to encourage each of us, just for a moment, to listen to each other too.

Before we launched our community projects, we went on a listening tour and first “asked.” Then, we remained quiet first to understand what they wanted for themselves before developing a plan to work together towards a shared vision and goal.

This extraordinary short film from Candice, and our Wildlife Films team, shows the sheer joy of giving and the positive impacts of collaboration with others.

From Beverly and myself, and all of us at Great Plains, we would like to wish you everything that brings you joy and peace this holiday season. Thank you for your tremendous support ensuring the conservation continues, and a bright future is ahead. 

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