6 Hours at Duba Plains, Botswana

On Monday 6th of October 2014, the infamous Tsaro Pride of lions at Duba Plains in Botswana decided they were hungry.

-Images and story by Darren Backx of African Travel Specialists

We set off early at around 5:30am from Duba Plains Safari Camp & it took us about 2 hours to find the 2,000 strong herd of buffalo which were located way off on the western border of the Kwedi concession in Botswana where Duba Plains Safari Camp is located. Once we were able to locate the buffalo we knew the Tsaro pride of lions who are renowned for hunting Buffalo would not be too far away. Over the next 6 hours we followed the Buffalo for 7 kilometres in a big circle of the concession, the Tsaro lion pride followed, stalked & eventually hunted down the Buffalo. Amazingly the lion pride kept in single file throughout the entire day, very rarely breaking their rank or formation. This consisted of 2 senior female lioness upfront, followed by the 2 young sub-adult lions who were intently learning their hunting skills, another senior female & always 100 metres bringing up the rear, lagging behind, the large male lion in his prime.

All day, the lions kept pressuring the buffalo to move along in the very hot sun until a small portion of buffalo at the back eventually lagged behind the rest of the herd & became separated. As the heat of the day rose, the lions were hot & tired. Our trusty safari guide Boitshepo Maphane assured us that the lions would not give up no matter how hot & tired they seemed. What followed was a 6 hour long game of follow the leader, cat & mouse … (well, Buffalo in this case), patience, & intense drama at nature’s best. Click on the gallery below to see all the action.