8 Reasons why ol Donyo is a dream photographic safari

By September 18, 2016ol Donyo Lodge

There are so many phenomenal wildlife destinations in Africa and if you’re into photography, how do you choose where to go? Well, with all the different activities that ol Donyo offers, this beautiful destination is sure to be a photographer’s dream. To give you an idea here are the top 8 reasons why ol Donyo should call you to a photographic safari.
8. The volcanic tubes are one of the only accessible in Africa by travellers. The atmospheric one hour walk allows for images of the caves that cannot be found in any other safari portfolio. exploring ol donyo's lava tubes

7. The big tuskers of Ol Donyo are not like any other elephants in Africa. This area is home to the biggest tuskers left on the planet and the lodge hide provides an ideal location to relax and photograph. The elephants are happy to share their space with you here. Elephant at ol Donyo

6. There is not an antelope more than unique that the gerenuk.  This shy mammal may be hard to find but amazing to photograph as it feeds by standing on 2 legs to reach higher branches. Keep trying and you’ll find one who is willing to stay and pose for you. Gerenuk at ol Donyo

5. Ol Donyo has good herd numbers of Maasai giraffe and they are very calm, so if you would like larger numbers, the Chuyulus is the place to go.Giraffes at the ol Donyo waterhole

4. There are outstanding star photography options, especially in the clear months from January to March. You can even create magical photos from the star deck at your room.  However, if you head out, the koppies can create a perfect foreground.The Milky Way at ol Donyo

3. Relive the scenery viewed by Ernest Hemingway and capture the beauty of the green rolling hills.great-plains-conservation-ol-donyo-lodge-wildlife-7

2. Could Ol Donyo be the best property to photograph Kilimanjaro in Africa?  Certainly if you have a big tusker in the foreground nothing can beat this.On Ton in front of Kilimanjaro at ol Donyo

1. The Maasai overlooking the plains of Kenya.  The koppies in the Chuyulus provide the perfect height for distance and atmospheric viewsMaasai at ol Donyo

If you’d like to work on your photography some more and learn to get the very best out of your camera to match your wonderful eye for wildlife and scenic photography, consider joining us for a few days on a photographic safari workshop tailored specifically to your needs. Wild Studio can run from three days to as many as you desire and you will come away with the photographs to match your wildest dreams and that do justice to the phenomenal landscape and wildlife of ol Donyo.

Thanks to Shaun Mousley for the images of the Milky Way and One Ton in front of Kilimanjaro.