Extreme predator action at Zarafa camp!

At Zarafa we like to accommodate all our guests’ needs by not only providing excellent service, food and wine but with the ultimate game viewing experiences from the comfort of their very own camp.
On Wednesday morning the excitement all began with the Zibidianja wild dog pack killing an impala at tent 4.  The guests did not even have to leave camp but simply walked to the east side of camp to view the sighting.
That evening our honeymoon guests decided to watch the sunset from the main deck and whilst enjoying a glass of champagne watched a wild dog kill an impala not 3 metres from the main deck.  They were provided with front seat tickets to a fascinating, if not extreme, wildlife sighting.
Thursday morning heralded the arrival of the Selinda pride of lions who walked through camp at around 6am. Isaac picked up their tracks with the Dhow suite guests and witnessed them taking down a young giraffe at Shumba Pan, a stones throw from the camp. The guests in camp had a 5 minute drive to watch the pride having their meal to then pop back from their morning coffee.
Fast forward to Thursday evening and the guests having G&T’s and sharing the tales of dogs and cats round the fire. Austin, a young guest, was hippo watching at around 8pm just before dinner and to our astonishment spotted a female leopard stubbornly walk right in front of the main deck. We radioed Willem who was with the honeymoon guests who then also managed to watch her walk by.
Dinner then commenced and Master (our waiter) spotted what he thought was a hyena off the main deck.  It turned out to be a lioness followed by the remaining 17 lions of the pride who all walked by roaring a little as they went.
Leopards, lions, wild dogs and not to mention a herd of 48 elephants all in the confides for the camp within the past two days.  It goes without saying that the guests are extremely happy and mesmerised by the sightings.  As are all of us.
Willem, David and Cece