Dispatches from Selinda Camp

August 2013

  • Denning dogs nearby
  • Elephants in camp daily
  • Multiple Leopard cup sightings
  • Daily Hippos around Camp
  • Wild Dogs killing in camp
  • Lions roaring in the morning by camp
  • Cheetahs hunting


August is still considered winter in Botswana but it has been a mild one at Selinda.

In contrast to the weather, sightings have been hot!

Our guests were blessed with amazing predator sightings as well as general game. Even though elephants are dominating the landscape, large herds of buffalo were also seen on almost every drive. Further, we are all thrilled that two new cheetah brothers have come into the concession.



Only a few days ago three leopards were spotted in one location! A female leopard, known as Lesego and her one year old cub were feeding on a baby kudu they had killed and dragged onto a tree, when a male leopard appeared on the scene. The male first tried to establish the females´ sexual status, smelling her and every branch she had been on, then started to feed on the carcass. The cub seemed unsure and decided to climb down the tree and run away. The two adult leopards stayed together for two days but no mating was witnessed by our guides.



We are very excited that two different packs – the northern and the southern pack – of wild dogs are now denning in our concession. What is very unusual however is, that two of the females from the southern pack are pregnant but seem to have chosen the same den!

…and as if this was not enough news already, the northern pack seem to have specialized on hunting buffalo more often than the lions do. Our guests even witnessed one of their attempts, including one where a calf got away when a big bull came to help fight off the dogs.



The two prides of lions in the concession both have cubs. The Selinda pride of four females has three cubs who are now five month old and the four females of the Wapuka pride are looking after seven cubs who are now six month old. The Selinda pride seems to hunt predominantly Buffalo and Kudu.



Various guests were in the right place at the right time this month to see action with their own eyes, including the Selinda pride take down a baby wildebeest and also a buffalo.  Others witnessed the northern wilddog pack kill an impala.

The male lion named Mavinyo – who is not part of the collision of two – was also seen in the concession several times, twice with a buffalo calf kill.

No wonder so many guests decided to stay out all day because they were too worried to miss out on all the action… and because we fully understand, our dedicated staff packed lots of picnic baskets…. J

Come and see for yourself. We look forward to meeting you here at Selinda!


Eva Spyridis, Manager & DitsheboTsima, Guide – known as “Dicks”







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