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Beating the post-holiday blues

By 14th January 2019October 11th, 2022Wellness
It’s universal – You need some post-holiday tips to prevent the post-holiday blues! After a fantastic holiday, it can be easy to feel tired and blue when we return to work. Wellness expert, Lara Delafield shares some tips on how to cope with the post-holiday blues.

To some degree, post-holiday tips are needed as many people experience a physical and emotional low as their holiday ends and the start of another year begins.

For many, the combination of family stress, high monetary spending, and an overindulgent festive season (if that is when you are travelling), leaves a  trace of trauma and despair, not to mention a bloated digestive system. Annually we are bombarded with new year’s social media announcements proclaiming the virtues of self-improvement and a “New Year – New You” mentality which can add a lot of unnecessary pressure.

With the increased rise in wellness tourism worldwide and efforts to increase conscious and mindful living, many people may have managed to maintain their physical and emotional sanity over this period. If you are feeling a little “travel worn out, ” here are some practical tools to help you integrate into a healthy post-safari lifestyle with minimal stress.

Physical tips

If you are suffering from bloating and digestive discomfort, try drinking lots of water with lemon and cucumber. Your kidneys and liver may have been working overtime, which will help restore their health and functionality.

Try and do a one-day raw fruit and vegetable detox. This helps to alleviate pressure and stress on the digestive system.

A liquid probiotic will also aid in the balance of good/bad bacteria and ensure your stomach maintains homeostasis.

Red meat, alcohol and rich food all create an acidic environment within the body, creating havoc in the system. After a season of excesses, many will suffer from heartburn and acid reflux. Try a natural alkaline powder to reduce acidity.

Keep moving. Keep the body active. Go for a walk, cycle, swim, or push harder and hit the gym.Cycling at ol Donyo

Avoid processed and deep-fried foods, which contribute to lethargy.

Emotional Tips

Ensure you create some new productive daily routines and perhaps create a vision board or book

Listen to uplifting music. Try out our Great Plains Safari Soundtrack playlist on Spotify!

Spend time in nature. It is the best possible cure for most ills.

Plan your next holiday away or even weekend getaway. Having something to look forward to helps when you’re back at work, and there could be a while until your next break.

Start a gratitude journal each morning and start the day focusing on the positive aspects of both yourself and your life. This also helps you shake off the “victim” mentality”.

Surround yourself with uplifting, solution-orientated people.

Most importantly, breathe and let the memories of your African safari allow you to feel refreshed and recharged for the year ahead!

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