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Beating the post-holiday blues

By 31st Aug 2018Nov 12th, 2018ol Donyo Lodge

Post-holiday blues? Surely not. You followed a dream to escape the rat-race and exchange it with to that beautiful Great Plains Conservation bush experience for the past two years. Months of research, planning and saving have finally come to fruition and you have THE most perfect itinerary.  You can hardly contain your excitement. The day has finally arrived and off you go on your dream holiday.

A fortnight later of absolute bliss and you’ve headed home. You’ve survived the 17-hour flight home, but without sleep and even though you’ve just spent days doing an incredible yoga safari, you might feel puffy and exhausted. Work starts tomorrow and you feel your heart sink.

‘How can this all be over?’ you ask yourself. ‘Why do I have to work? How am I going to do this?’

Post-holiday blues has set in and it doesn’t look like an easy task to shift it.

This is a common reality for many people having experienced the anticipation and experience of an incredible holiday away from the day-to-day routine and constant pressured commitments and plans.

How can we best handle it when these thoughts and feelings set in after the most amazing holiday?

Practically, try to arrive home a day or two before the commitments of work begin. If you have time to get home, do the shopping, play with your pets, reminisce about the trip and just get things back in order you won’t feel as low.

Ensure you eat well the last few days before your return and possibly even get some exercise in before you head back to work. The endorphins and increased energy will help you to cope emotionally and physically. Remember that if you have consumed a lot of alcohol your body may be feeling the after-effects and could benefit from a good dose of hydration and vitamins. Drink loads of fresh water with lemon and cucumber, fresh juices and plant based foods. Fruit infused water at Duba PlainsAnother practical way of dealing with post-holiday blues is to be outdoors. Take some (more) time in nature, whether it’s near the ocean, in the garden or walking in a forest. Nature is a natural mood enhancer and elevator.

Creativity will also ease the low. Put on music at home or in your car. It has a powerful effect on your mood and mindset. I would also advise setting aside various times during the month to schedule in something you can really look forward to – whether it’s a night away, a relaxing massage or time with people who really stimulate and encourage you.Relaxing at Selinda Explorers

Plan for your next holiday, even if it’s in two years time, it gives your mind something positive to focus on. You create your life with your thoughts so keep them positive, focussed and mindful. Write a list of all the things you are grateful for and create a vision board for your goals going forward. At the end of the day you have a choice: choose to remember the incredible experience and spend your energy creating the next memorable experience you would like to have, and you should manage to keep those post-holiday blues at bay.

Lara Delafield

Wellness strategist