A feather in the cap

When thinking of a safari in the Okavango Delta, the image that comes to mind is mostly one of elephants, lions, hippos, warthogs, buffalos and countless lechwe. Birds do not really feature on many people’s list of what they would like to see – until they land in Duba Plains. With the wide and wonderful variety of feathered friends, you can’t help but become interested and pretty soon you find yourself pointing and stopping and flipping through a bird book, surprised at this excitement of bird watching that you have never experienced before.

From there you start to realize that birds are a remarkable part of Duba and that it would just not be the same without them. You notice the call of a fish eagle that accentuates the vast open spaces. You realize the cattle egrets that dot the plains in white splashes complement the brownish red of the lechwe and the bright green grass after the rain. Bursts of colour appear out of nowhere and are provided by some of the more flamboyant birds like the rollers. A kingfisher hovering above the water can keep you captivated as he waits for the perfect moment to dive for a quick meal. When you come across a rare or endangered species, you get that sense that this might be a once in a lifetime experience and it becomes a sacred moment. To highlight the magnificence of this aspect of wildlife, Great Plains Conservation has a 111 Club – an exclusive bird-watching club that you get to be a member of when you have successfully identified 111 bird species during your safari at Duba and/or the camps in the Selinda Concession. As a member you will receive a lovely 111 Club cap as a souvenir so you can always remember these birds of paradise.