Bush Dinner (for guests and the wildlife!)- Ol Donyo Lodge, Kenya

Sunset during a bush dinnerTo say that the sightings and the wildlife here have been unbelievable over the past week or so would be an understatement! The greatest treat our guests had the other evening is actually spotting two of our young local lions enjoying their version of one of our spectacular bush dinners, our guests however enjoyed a more varied selection of treats created on our wood barbeque by our fantastic chefs!

It seems that the two days of unexpected rain have really injected a whole load of energy into our wildlife and fauna and there have been sightings of a striped hyena, sprinting flocks of ostriches, thirsty zebras, Zebras taking advantage of the recent rainsa proud cheetah mum with her 4 cubs, beady eyed vultures waiting for the lions to make their move and of course the daily visits from our many elephant friends who are appreciating the unexpected water by splashing and bathing while the giraffes patiently await their turn for some of that cool water.

The Thompson gazelles during last nights sundowner were leaping and bounding just as much as we are at the lodge in anticipation of what we may see today!

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