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So we have made it into November and the good news is the rain has brought with it a reason to raise a family whether it be antelope or these awesome looking bat-eared foxes just coming out of their den for an evening of hunting. Using these huge ears enables them to become accomplished hunters in very low light so catching them before they went out to look for dinner was a lucky find.


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The side-striped jackal is also a skilled hunter, preying on almost anything including insects, rodents and birds but they are opportunistic so if they get the chance of a free meal then they are never going to pass it up.



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Even if you don’t get to see a big buffalo brought down by the lions there is always action if you look around you. Granted you might need to switch your lenses pretty sharpish to catch things in focus but kills in the bush are not such a rare thing.




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With the rains has also brought the wrath of nature in the form of lightning upon the dry plains, quickly catching alight and fueled by strong winds these fires can burn for days. Worry not as the camp is protected by water so you can enjoy the dramatic sunset through the plumes of smoke most evenings.


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