Capturing those perfect ol Donyo moments on camera

By September 8, 2016ol Donyo Lodge

Dry, dusty & desert-like are some of the words that may be in your initial thoughts when visiting ol Donyo Lodge during the months of June, July & August, however it seems to offer its own unique charm during this time of the year.

With water being a precious resource it enables guests of the lodge many wonderful photographic opportunities around the waterhole, where an abundance of animals crowd around, waiting for their turn. The big bully elephants go first, giraffe are second in line, then the oryx get their turn. The rest of the animals then come in and share what is left. Times like these are perfect for heading down to the hide, where you can sit quietly and enjoy the scene while capturing some wonderful photos. Sometimes the elephants are willing to share their space.elephant-at-ol-donyo-waterhole

If you are not at the waterhole, there are also many wonderful things to see while on game drives. The vast landscape and endless horizons at ol Donyo are breathtaking and with animals scattered across the plains, it can be a photographers dream. With the dramatic sunsets and atmospheric dust there are beautiful, dreamy backlit photos waiting. zebra-ol-donyo

Finally, if backlit subjects and sunsets are not your thing, then head out on a clear night and enjoy one of the most remarkable sights that cities have lost access to –  the Milky Way. With many subjects to choose from in the foreground such a large koppies, stark dead trees or the iconic tree of Africa – the Tortillas Acacias, there are many moments of magic that can be created during these cool clear evenings at Ol Donyo.  Milkyway at ol DonyoInspiration is everywhere…. Take the time to stop and make the most of it.

Photography is for everyone, but if you want to get the very best out of your camera, perhaps consider joining a short Wild Studio workshop and seeing just what unbelievable memories you can capture for posterity.