Cheetahs at the Selinda airstrip – Selinda and Zarafa Camps

When you fly into any safari destination the excitement of the first few steps from the light aircraft is palpable. Today, even more thrilling was the sight of two male cheetahs right on the airstrip’s edge. These two cheetah are part of what is a coalition of three brothers. It is a bit worrisome that we only spotted two of the three, and they were very skittish at that. These three males have a huge range, part of which is Selinda Reserve. We usually see them when the lions have moved off a bit, which is every couple of weeks. This was a great sight for the new guests. We’ve now got the guides on the lookout of brother #3, and we are a bit concerned. Stay tuned.   Cheetahs are one of the rarest of our big cats with only an estimated 10,000 left worldwide.


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