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Could there be a cuter shape in Kenya’s Mara?

Dispatch directly from the Mara plains

In the past few days here, you would be forgiven for thinking that the state of conservation is thriving.

This week alone, Beverly and I have spent time with 13 different cheetahs (including new cubs), 20 lions and their cubs, about a hundred elephants, including a week old newborn, hyena pups and probably our personal favourite, a small bundle we came across in the tall grass yesterday.

Something about the shape caught our eye. Perhaps it was an ear flicking away an irritating oxpecker or maybe the curve that could never be a log.

The shape then started to weave. A dance that animated itself into a wobble and a stagger. This creature unfolded into a six-foot giant within twenty minutes. A rust and white-coloured Maasai giraffe! He soon deemed it safe enough to give his wobbly legs a try and find his mother, herself, some way off.

With an estimated 50,000 giraffes left in the wild, we feel like a part of history today and witness to the future, one that promises a steady rebirth of nature.

It is hard to pick when the ‘worst’ time of year to visit Mara Plains and our other Masai Mara based camps is, so I will assume there is just no bad time.
Each month delivers unexpected gems like this one (#50,001).

Each is a reason for us to keep returning on safari again and again.