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Great Plains Cares!

Safari Njema, Safari Salama - Good Safari, Safe Safari

Dear friends of Great Plains,

We have always run safari experiences based on bespoke, caring, meaningful and considerate values. As such, our Great Plains Cares COVID protocols are centred around you; in the same way, we host safaris – with care.

We continually make the required adjustments. Ironically this hasn’t needed too much tweaking from what we usually provide. This is primarily due to the space in which we operate, the politeness and respect offered by our staff, and that our experiences are mainly out in the open air.

Still, I wanted to incorporate what the finest hotels in the world and what our fellow members in Relais & Châteaux do across the globe, along with what our contacts in Johns Hopkins and other high-end health facilities across the world suggest.

We have designed and constantly adjust our protocols as the pandemic evolves. Our Great Plains Cares protocols are centred against the backdrop of two intertwined values in Great Plains. Firstly, we are in the hospitality business, not the hospital business; the warmth of the welcome is in our DNA. Secondly, we want to continually offer the security of safety and peace of mind to you, our guests, and our staff.

A warm Great Plains smile is so much of who we are that the worry for me was whether we might lose that. We haven’t.

So, what you can expect from us is both – no compromise in hospitality and no compromise on safety.

It is not that difficult. We have been doing it forever.”

– Dereck Joubert – CEO, Great Plains

As Great Plains cares, your safety is paramount to us, but so is your Great Plains experience!

As the COVID-19 Pandemic and travel restrictions in both destination and source countries worldwide evolve, so do our guidelines on how we look after you at our camps. As Great Plains Cares, we have adopted a flexible approach towards required travel requirements and how this may affect a guest’s anticipated stay with us. Many countries where we operate have relaxed their Covid-related requirements, with mainly double vaccination and booster certificates being required. The wearing of masks is discretionary in our camps but may be necessary when flying in any aircraft. If you are unsure as to what is required, or how to amend or change your booking due to these ongoing developments, please get in touch with our reservations team for assistance – reservations@greatplainsconservation.com

The World Health Organisation’s situation reports are one of our primary resources for Covid-19-related information.


Should you be diagnosed with COVID-19 while travelling, Covac Global will arrange for medical transport directly back to your home country of record.

For more information, visit our page on Covac Global.

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