DECEMBER NEWS and a wonderful gallery

December has created a great opportunity for photography, especially the beautiful clouds before and after the rain with the sun rays sticking out behind a rain cloud. The paradise of Duba flourished with newly born red lechwes and the fawn coloured young tsessebes. The plains of Duba looked stunning – emerald green and reminiscent of “the last remains of the Biblical Eden” as described by one of our guests.

We’ve had fires burning in the south of the concession in November, and when the rains came the buffalos seemed to enjoy the new shoots as they spent most of the days in this area. Lions are not taking chances with them when they are this fit but have rather resorted to warthogs and lechwes.

IMG_0547The circle of life in the bush is still continuing, with lions killing and hooded vultures cleaning up, before the hyenas come for bone crushing.

The year was summed up well with celebrations and great dishes by our own Duba Chef Pierre van Zyl on Christmas day.



A fish Eagles watches a Duba male, perhaps waiting for some scraps off a kill – they don’t just eat fish!


The Waterways of Duba.  A great place to see Hippo, and if you are lucky perhaps a Buffalo crossing


Could it be time to mate?




You will only ever see such a sight at this time of year

New young male(dominant)   Skimmer

This is what happens when you mess with the ladies of Duba




At Christmas time there won’t be any snow in Africa


It was all hands to the deck getting our Christmas tree up this year

x masxmas

Christmas Lunch in the wilds – after a hearty feast it was time to lie like Lions grrr

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