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Dereck & Beverly Joubert at the Explorers Festival 2022 – Symposium Day 1

By 20th July 2022August 19th, 2022Great Plains Foundation

“Several times a year, across the globe, National Geographic brings together the most fascinating and innovative scientists, conservationists, explorers, educators, and storytellers. One of our pinnacle convenings – the Explorers Festival London – is a multiday event comprising of training for our European and African explorers and opportunities to hear about their discoveries and solutions for creating a healthier and more sustainable planet.”

Enjoy this 20-minute video, taken during the Explorers Festival in London; Dereck and Beverly Joubert, multi-award-winning wildlife filmmakers and conservationists, share their experiences on day 1 of the symposium. They talk about Big Cats, their work on their films Eternal Enemies and Eye of the Leopard, and their latest film on cheetahs which was featured recently on National Geographic’s Big Cat Week.

Beverly shares her experience and thoughts around conservation as she recuperated in the hospital from a buffalo incident.

Dereck hints about his writing of a business book centred around how elephants can guide us on a daily basis.

As emergency conservationists, they were instrumental in launching Project Ranger at the beginning of the recent pandemic.

They also announced the newest “Big Audacious” conservation project from their Great Plains FoundationProject Rewild Zambezi, where 3000 animals are being relocated from southern Zimbabwe to the Great Plains Conservation’s private Sapi Reserve located along the Zambezi River on Zimbabwe’s northern border.

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