Dereck Joubert on the new, improved Selinda Adventure Trail

“Water and rainfall in Botswana have always been fragile and elements that are not fixed in time or size. I love that fact. I love droughts. I know that is controversial but droughts are a way for this ecosystem to flush out the weak and make room for new more robust generations of plants and grasses, animals and to some degree every living thing out here.

I watched Dorian (our MD in Botswana) stand at the bank of the Selinda Spillway with his hands on his hips as of waiting for the flood to come, like one does in New York waiting for a yellow cab (are there still yellow cabs in NYC or has Uber dominated yet?) By the way, I understand that Cannes has an Uber helicopter ride from Nice airport to help movie fans, and stars avoid the French traffic, winding roads and crazy French drivers.

Our Canoe Trails that have been hugely popular is another of our activities that changes according to the rain and seasons and makes it difficult to manage sometime. Dorian was almost willing, or insisting that the river show up for work, and it will.  But I remember the conversation when about eight years ago massive floods hit the area. Everyone was in panic and more than one camp washed away. We reacted by starting up a canoe trail. Now we are reacting as well, with equal enjoyment and pleasure and we are redesigning the Canoe Trail to be the Selinda Adventure Trail that includes some canoeing and some walking and camping out. However one of my fantasy adventures has always been to get helicoptered in to an area and have to walk out. So this season we are going to add this to the Canoe Trail. You land at Selinda Airfield and you will be met by the guides and staff. You can separate out whatever luggage you wont need and it will go to our Head Quarters at Selinda and then climb into a waiting helicopter. It will fly you to a point on the river that the guides will have chosen, and this point will probably change each week, a place where perhaps there are no roads or access in one of the most wild places left in Africa. Drop down, unpack and get on the river. Instead of us hoping the river will come to us, we will go to the river.great-plains-adventure-trails-5

Now we’re talking adventure and exploration.  Eat your heart out Uber Helicopters.