Dollar’s Diaries

Throughout the next month we will presenting a short blog following the adventures of Dollar Ngore on his trip to Ellerman House in Cape Town.

Dollar is the manager of the new Selinda Explorers Camp in Botswana.  A legend in his own right, from his chef skills to a master in traditional dance, Dollar is most famous from his three years in our Selinda Canoe Trails.  As the executive chef Dollar blew people away with his treats from the remote wilderness.  Dollar is now taking part in an exchange program for a month at Ellerman House to see how the Captonians weave their magic.


 Day 1 – 2nd February 2013. Email from Dollar:

Hi Mr D   I had small prob with my laptop,sorry i took so long to tell u guys about my journey

Yah I left bots at 14:20 to Gabs at 16:05,  left there at 16:25 to Jbg at 17:05,then connect with British airways at 19:50 arrived cape at 22:10,Woo.. was a very long day!

I can tell you this when we were about to land I saw lots of lights, I thought

‘what the stars on the ground for, hahah was really cool Dav i never saw or had a night flight in my life,that was beautiful.

 First morning I saw the sun was coming from the wrong side oh um lost Dav I cant get my compass right otherwise is the best place I never saw in my life. I love Cape Town”

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