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Well its tough to think where to begin speaking about the events that transpired throughout October. We had some serious lion action that got to the point of a pride bringing down a buffalo every day, so fast that we were still busy watching one kill when reports of another one came in through the airwaves! The temperatures of October soared and so did the success rate of the resident prides, evidently not slowed by the heat only the hardiest flora and fauna could withstand over midday.


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We have had a global gathering of guests – Kiwis, Wallabies, Boks, Yanks, Pommes, Jigs, Scandies and Scots to name a few which has brought life into the already flourishing Duba. Just don’t start a conversation about the rugby around the dinner table as its likely you wont get to bed with much time to spare before the 5am wake up!


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We have had traditional music from the staff so you can further immerse yourself and understand the culture that puts everyone in such an unflappable good mood and we have put Stu’s mixology skills to the test with cocktails he makes from scratch with fresh ingredients. So far the top picks have included apple and cucumber mojitos, passion fruit daiquiris, mint julieps, Lynchburg lemonades and the classic old fashioned.





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While living in the bush has its perks it can also be a place you always need your wits about you especially when the ellies decide they want to have a taste of the trees around the buildings. Likewise the lions have been wandering through the middle of the camp but unfortunately for them they ran up against James (007) who sent them packing with some bruised egos. Not that we take these things lightly as it is serious business to know this is the wild in its purest form  but we do take solace in the fact that the guides here have grown up around some of these beautiful predators and know exactly how to deal with them.


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The rains we can say have officially come, with the camp getting hit by some tent shaking storms lasting only a couple of hours. This means that insects that were once dormant are now seen frequently. Flying termites have swarmed the main area before losing their wings and making the rest of the journey on foot. Longhorn beetles are strolling around the ground and the intimidating (though harmless) solifuges’ have been dashing back and forth on the pathways looking for something tasty to munch.

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So let us pop a bottle and you can enjoy Duba’s landscape with something chilled in your hand as you reflect on the action of the day.



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