Exciting lion news from ol Donyo

Back in February we suspected that the lionesses Nosi noni and Nelowua, who are often seen at ol Donyo, looked as though they could be pregnant. We had a brief sighting of them at the beginning of April with three very small cubs, and since then we have been waiting patiently to see them properly… Yesterday it finally happened, and we were in for a big surprise! Not only were there the three now three month-ish old cubs, but the second lioness has had four of her own that look to be around a month and a half old. Kasiyo, the male, was proudly lurking in the back ground.

Nosi noni’s previous set of four cubs, three males and one female, have also come back to the area making for quite an interesting dynamic. We’re hoping that the female will leave her brothers to it and re-join her mother and aunt, but we’ll see how that plays out!

So in total we have 14 lions in the area at the moment! The guests in the lodge got spend a wonderful afternoon with them too… And that was after their morning sighting of a cheetah and 5 cubs, so they had quite an extraordinary day in the Chyulus!