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From one chef to another

By 4th April 2017November 12th, 2018Food for thought

How can we ensure that our chefs are the best of the best and our staff knows just how wonderful it is to be treated like royalty? Let them experience the best for themselves.

Training is an integral part of our people development programs and is vital if we want to give guests that extra special experience while staying with Great Plains Conservation. We revolutionised our training ten years ago by developing an intense, one-week program known as Bootcamp. We’ve been tweaking this concept and started a longer-term program with our guides, focussing on rekindling passion. We found that this experiential training develops pride and love of your work and has created guides who are always pushing themselves and each other, to be better.

Seeing how well this passion-promoting training can work, we looked at how our other departments and camp roles could also benefit. This led to a group of talented and passionate chefs and waiters standing on the top of Table Mountain.

Through careful selection of initiative, loyalty and dedication, we chose ten lucky chefs and waiters to travel to the Cape Winelands to experience first hand what everyone is talking about when they say aspect and slope. For five full days we met winemakers, owners, cellar masters and sommeliers, and were wined (lots and lots of wine!), dined and treated like royalty as we explored the different winemaking regions of the Western Cape.

Our chefs were not only immersed in the wine making experience, but got to experiment with new ingredients, watch chocolates be created and taste fine cheeses and olive oils.

The real lessons

Whilst all of this knowledge and experiences are things that will never be forgotten, the real lessons came from being treated like guests and experiencing first hand, the joy of good service, great food and wine and the warm attention of real care. Our days of world class meals with wine pairing, surrounded by friends and good conversation was truly amazing and eye-opening for all of us.

There are so many tremendous memories that we have brought back and lots of new stories to regale you with around the fire but I think we all agree that the strongest one for all of us is what an honour it is to be able to create wonderful and unique experiences for our guests.

We hope to see you on safari soon to tell you all about it!

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