Get ready for the Selinda Adventure Trails!

In the Selinda Reserve we do game drives, night drives, walking safaris and when the conditions are right – canoe safaris! Our highly trained and experienced guides bring you as close to the animals as possible, without disturbing them. On bush walks and in a canoe you feel like you are participating in, rather than observing nature at its best. The smells are more potent, the breeze fresher, the bird calls louder and more enthusiastic as you step into pure wilderness without the containment of a car.

This is what Selinda Adventure Trails is all about. Being at one with nature. Four nights, five days completely off the grid in the most remote and pristine part of our 320 000 acre reserve. No cellphones, no roads, no unnatural sounds, no light pollution to dim the Milky Way. Just you, the guide and all the animals around you. You will return as a different person.

Selinda_Adventure-MAPJust how much walking or canoeing is done will depend on the water levels, but however you start the adventure, the beginning will be marked by a fantastic helicopter trip over the Selinda Spillway and it’s myriad channels to your first base.

If going into the office and sitting in rush hour traffic is just not appealing anymore, an Adventure Trail will give you a whole new perspective and lease on life.

Download the full itinerary and fact sheet here.2016-great-plains-conservation-explorerscamp-gallery4