Inspiring conservation with the Maasai Olympics in Kenya

All too often in the world of conservation, we are peppered with tragic stories. De-horned rhino here, speared lion there, but today we bring to you a conservation story which might just give you great hope for 2013 and beyond. Sure, you might say, “but it’s just a set of games, who cares, what’s that going to do?”. But once you see these videos, sense the excitement, the hope for the future becomes almost palpable. Do yourself a huge favor, sit back, grab your cup of tea, and listen, watch and dream of a Maasailand free from lion persecution, and full of wildife-people harmony. A vision can take us very far, especially if it is collective.

Watch below, envision, and let’s do this.

Thanks to Maasailand Preservation Trust (based at ol Donyo Lodge) and to Great Plains & ol Donyo Lodge for their sponsorship of this incredible event. Cameo appearances are made by our very own Dereck Joubert, Richard Bonham (MPT and Big Life) as well as Olympic 800m winner David Rudisha. This was no small event, don’t underestimate its potential impact.


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