January’s rains were not for the faint of heart, with numerous downpours. There’s nothing more beautiful then the before and after from a Botswana summer storm. You can see the thunderheads build, like giants in the sky, while the wind picks up and then you know it is coming. It is so refreshing and renewing, and to all Batswana it is a blessing. And so it was this January, when we had, after one storm, surpassed the rain gauge’s limit of 100mm. The rest was on the dirt below. So, who knows but definitely more than 100mm – quite exceptional! Nature was happy for this amount of rain and we have seen the water levels rise, nurturing the vegetation back to its supple self. The beauty of the wilderness glitters with new grass shoots and old trees decoupaged with new leaves.

As it goes with the season, babies abound. Kudus, Red lechwes, waterbucks and buffaloes stick in tight formation, all keeping a close eye on their beloved babies.  The lions have two cubs among them, each about 4 months old, and already weathering the challenges of a life of intense hunting. The lions haven’t lost their love for buffaloes, and that life-death theater still retains all its lure; however, the lions have changed their hunting technique and now target primarily the young calves as they don’t stand a chance against the well-fed fully grown adults. Other cats are also spotted in the area; African wildcats, African civets and servals.

Buffaloes seem to move between the camp and the airstrip, grazing away from the camp during the day then coming back for a sleep in camp peripherals in the early evening. Kudus are regular residents and not a day passes without a glimpse of a kudu family on the pathways to the rooms. Among our honored visitors is the Tsaro pride (6 lions) which sometimes puts a halt to our daily chores. Recently, they came to camp to help the maintenance team by thoughtfully pulling out buried electrical cables for the length of camp.  Maybe done out of goodwill,  or just trying to be part of the esteemed Duba team.

Duba camp is a paradise, full of life, and forever charming. Our Duba team takes pride in conservation of this natural land and the blossoming animal life.

Text by: K.Otlwaetse(OT)

Pictures by: Farai Chitsa

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