Recently, Selinda Camp has been abuzz with breeding herds. From the Red lechwes to the impalas to the Blue wildebeest, and even the roan. It’s been a veritable wonderland of new life. A rare hybrid of a Red lechwe and a waterbuck was spotted, leaving many of us quite perplexed at first (see picture, below left).  Our lions are also ready to increase their numbers, with cubs soon to arrive, it appears. Our young female leopard graced us with her presence twice recently, so we are certain she is healthy and well.  Two male cheetahs stayed around the airstrip for quite a while, and then our much beloved African wild dogs have been frequently patrolling the Spillway roads, both relaxing and hunting.  As the weather begins to cool a bit, the dogs will hunt at any time of day. They’ve taken full advantage of those changing conditions to keep the bellies of their large family full!

A nice cooling breeze  off the spillway makes for extremely refreshing siestas. It’s a great time of day to relax and watch the migratory birds are enjoy the plentiful supply of food in the lush grass. (middle photo is the and endangered Wattled crane).

January is always a jolly month among staff. It’s the Annual Great Plains Botswana Boot Camp, complete with extensive training, braais and our set of Olympics to rival our Kenyan friends. See the separate posts for the full story.

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