January at Zarafa has brought much needed “pula”, also known as rain and also Botswana’s currency. The camp is beautifully green, as the vegetation grows at an incredible rate during the appropriately named “green season”.  It transforms into a birder’s paradise, and the animals at this time of year just seem to glow, enamored with all the abundant food.

The newly born antelope, especially impala, seem to almost grow before your eyes.  By about two months, they are quite able to keep up with their parents.  Despite this, they are placed in an impala kindergarten whilst the mothers head off to feed. Literally, all the youngsters are bunched together and different aunties will be tasked with looking after them whilst mum gets to go and have a graze. The season is marked by the call of the Woodland kingfisher, a sure sign it is summer.

The game viewing has been good in spite of this lushness. Our resident lion pride and wild dog pack, pictured, have made numerous appearances. Our resident leopards have also become regulars, with frequent viewings of a mother and cub. It’s a joy to watch the ‘lil one grow up.

Zarafa itself, continues to awe everyone who visits. Just to add to the list of innovative design elements, we’ve recently installed a fantastic new cooling system called Evening Breeze. Sure, it sounds like a cocktail, but guess again. It serves as a sort of air-conditioner, blowing cool air over the beds. Quite a clever innovation, really.

Lions courtesy of Peter and Mary Thompson from Canada,

Wild dogs from the Oosterhuis family from the Netherlands; one of our repeat guests.

All other images by Nick Green

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