January’s news from ol Donyo

Some News from Ol Donyo Lodge Jan 2016

After a successful festive season, the dust has settled after the rains. Animals and people are feeling happy and positive for a fruitful year. With the El Nino year, the Chyulu Hills have been blessed with wonderful rains & showers through the area. The trees have been brought to life & the birds & butterflies fill the bright blue skies. Guests have been enjoying walks through the rich soil, taking the opportunity to appreciate the smaller things this environment has to offer.

This bright beetle was spotted by our guest while on a morning walk – The Shield Beetle.


Photo Credit: Lolly Spiers – UK

Being out on foot, one of ol Donyo’s best activities, offers an experience to truly connect with nature and its surroundings. It allows one to stop & have a moment. In these moments it is surprising what could be waiting around the next corner.

From the small then to the very big. Although there is lots of water around, we have still been enjoying regular visits from our Bull Elephants at the lodge waterhole. Guests have chosen to spend whole afternoon & evenings enjoying these animals from the hide with a Gin & Tonic in Hand. Who needs to leave, when nature comes to you?

This month we have also had prevalent Cheetah sightings with the regular brother pair spotted near the drier White Rock area as well as a new lone female cheetah. The cheetah sightings are becoming more regular, which is promising for the area as it is the perfect habitat for Cheetahs. With a smaller lion & hyena population, they are able to thrive with little threat and more food. Cheetahs are often last on the predator food chain, however in this environment they seem to be on top!


Photo Credit: Jeremy Goss – Big Life Researcher & Co-ordinator

Finally, ending off on a starry note, the clear sky nights have been magical! Guests are barely sleeping inside these days, enjoying the infamous star beds on top of their roofs. The Milky Way is bright and beautiful with a rare sighting occurring in the early hours of the morning. Have a look in the eastern sky to see 5 planets in line. Follow this link to find out all about this unique sighting, where Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars & Jupiter form a line in the night’s sky.

Below is a picture depicting the expansive skies and beautiful stars of the evening. starsPicture Credit: Shaun Mousley – Manager ol Donyo