June News – Duba Plains, Botswana

A chill in the air

Beanies, scarves and gloves are high fashion at Duba! With temperatures dropping as low as 5°C, the hot water bottles with their new leopard print covers have become very popular indeed! Luckily the sun warms us all up before midday and we all enjoy the beautifully warm winter days.

Winter Gear


Another favourite winter warmer has definitely been Pierre’s hearty soups! An especially yummy Sweet Corn Chowder was a hit during the cold nights of June. If you want to try this at home, please feel free to contact us for a free recipe.

This month we held an exchange program with our sister camp, Selinda. One of our housekeepers, Winnie, went over to spend the month at Selinda, familiarizing with the camp’s systems and operations. Duba had the pleasure of having Mbaita (Selinda housekeeping supervisor) for the month, also visitng for the same reasons. Both ladies had a fabulous time and returned to their home camps with fresh ideas and inspiration.


The Duba Leopard

A certain young leopardess has bought us all a lot of joy this month. Leopards are very scarce in this area, they are spotted maybe two or three times a year but our guests had the pleasure of viewing this beautiful feline for just over a week. The reason why they are scare is because of the Lion population keeping them away. She has recently left her mother to fend for herself so when she took down a waterbuck everybody was very impressed. There was some interaction between her and a lone hyeana which kept everybody entertained.We also had incredible luck this month with the more elusive animals – civet, bat eared fox and honeybadger were spotted regularly.

We have all missed the large buffalo herd we are so privileged to have on our concession, but these intelligent animals know when it is time to move off the area to avoid over grazing. Sightings of pangolins, honeybadgers and lions on a hippo kill made up for the gap the buffalo left and we are happy to announce that after a month on Paradise Island the buffalos have returned. The battle is on once again!

Lions in camp

Super MoonKingfisher



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