June news – Zarafa Camp, Botswana

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Wedding cake and cheetah brothers

Looking back at our promises in the April newsletter, we have to start off with a slight disappointment. Namely, we do not have a decent picture of our newly discovered bush baby tree.
As it turns out, bush babies are quite tricky to spot and sitting ready with your camera at sunset does apparently not guarantee an award-winning picture if your name is not Beverly Joubert (shame..).

However, we were able to capture our last month’s runner-up of favorite “in-camp safari moments” from the francolin family!

Zarafa June 2014 056
A francolin mother with four very young chicks. Picture take by: Marijn Letschert  

And (luckily!) the sightings for this month were not limited to ‘francolinus’.
We very much enjoyed two cheetah brothers in our surroundings and together with our guide Reuben, guests have even spotted the siblings crossing the channel. Now, we do not see that every day!
You see, the cheetah is the world’s fastest land mammal and their speed and exceptionally (!) keen eyesight gives them an advantage in a wide, open grassland environment.  But due to the Selinda Reserve’s matrix of habitats they do still come through, but it is rare enough that it possesses the excitement of top sighting.

Lets-Kamogeo-Selinda-Reserve-0001-20140611 (3)Image by Lets Kamogeo

Less rare, but still pretty exciting is the re-occurring sighting of this female leopard around Zarafa’s boat station. She seems to have laid cubs and we are looking forward to catching a glance of them soon, hoping they settled on the camp’s side of the water.  Again, patience is a virtue.

The absolute highlight in camp this month was an African traditional wedding ceremony. The guests who decided to declare their love for each other in beautiful Botswana resided in our Dhow Suites and together with their family and the Zarafa Dhow Suites Team, they got a taste of how things are done in this part of the world! Singing and dancing, traditional wedding attire, traditional food – cooked on an open fire by Dhow Suites Chef Isinza, it all contributed to a wonderful day.

When talking about food, most of us directly think of our Executive Chef, Katherine. This month, Katherine (or little Honey badger) has been on a well deserved vacation and therefore Mr. Steve once again came to ‘stir the pots’ this side. We would like to thank him for introducing a wonderful pre-starter made out of poached  asparagus and Hollandaise sauce (yum!). Also, we need to mention the wedding cake Steve and his crew made – what a beauty!


Image by Lets Kamogeo

And on that happy note, let us get back to our daily activities here in the bush.

Thank you Steve and welcome home Kat!

As always, we will keep you posted.

The Zarafa Team