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Keep the Dream Alive Essentially – The d&b explorer collection

Pack now. Explore later.

While we wait to head out into the world and wild again, our boots are laced, our linen shirts are buttoned and our explorer hats are tipped, as they keep the adventurer inside us alive and inspired.

Our clothes prepare us for the day, for the night, for the unforeseen. They prepare us for ambles with lechwe and leopards, photographic missions across remote rivers and campfire dinners under the Milky Way. They keep the spirit of the explorer excited with hope and anticipation, until we are able to return to the seat of the plane or 4X4, horseback or bike saddle. Much like our Virtual Safaris…

This spirit is the soul of the d&b collection, a clothing range designed by us, Dereck and Beverly Joubert, for explorers like you….

While we imagine all the wonderful wild places we’re longing to rediscover or to experience for the first time, we also can’t help but try out a little visualising… Imagine it and it will happen. So we’ve been packing our bags, mentally, sorting out the essentials and even hearing that luggage zip opening, as we get ready to dress for an expedition into  the Mara or a sunrise in Manhattan.

“As we designed the range, it was a nod to the practical but also with a strong sensitivity to being stylish and feeling good about standing out. There are dozens of clothing options made from recycled plastics or that zip off below the knee, for tourists, but this range is for the ‘traveller,’ the explorer, someone who wants to stand aside and have experiences that are hand-made, like the d&B explorers collection.” – Dereck Joubert

Start packing with us as we get ready for the adventures that await, and hold onto the explorer in you, inside and out, stylishly.

Beverly’s Explorer Essentials

1) Dereck (Never without him)

2) iPad with books to read and SOS meditations to listen to

3) iPhone to continue working on our films, Foundation and conservation camps.

4) Homeopathic remedies for travel, to help with jet lag and any emergency, and colloidal silver spray (Dereck and I)

5) Vegan protein shake with collagen, grounded flax seeds and chia seeds for power breakfast (Dereck and I)

6) Lip gloss

7) A face regime of creams, vitamin oils and sunscreen

8) Scarf and shawl for the plane and safari

9) Sony camera

“We’re National Geographic Explorers-at-Large, two of just 12 around the world with those duties, so we understand exploring and the nature of expeditions. We also know that there is a need to have the right clothing and equipment, light things that you can carry, clothing that is cool in the tropics and yet, elegant enough to take that special meeting, a sudden delegation of elders, or to meet the president.” – Dereck Joubert

Dereck’s Explorer Essentials

1) Beverly (Never without her)

2)  Scarf

3) Flash light

4) Electrolyte sachets to keep hydrated

5) Our engraved D&B ‘Thank you’ cards

6) Pocket knife in luggage

7) Wallet

8) $100

And don’t forget… The Ethical Essentials

Another essential to exploring is sustainability in every touch…

The d&b explorer collection embraces ethically-sourced materials that are made from the earth and that can easily go back into the earth, items that last and stand the test of time and travel, that support local artisans and even conservation… For every item purchased online from the d&b explorer collection, Beverly and Dereck Joubert will donate $10 to the Great Plains Foundation as well as providing employment for indigenous woman from communities.

The Foundation’s mission is to conserve and expand natural habitats in Africa through innovative conservation initiatives with a long-term commitment to the environment, wildlife, and local communities.

For online shopping with a touch of Generosity, explore the d&b collection here.

Meet Frank, one of our incredible guides at Great Plains Conservation, looking gorgeous in one of our soon-to-be-released new men’s linen shirts.

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