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Last week I wrote, and declared, no more use of ‘the C word.’ So I’ll stick to that. But for many of us now Conservation is everything. For the first time in history we can demonstrate that bad conservation can collapse economies and even kill us. 

While we were working on our Okavango film series Beverly and I fell in love once again, with everything around us, and with Botswana’s Delta we know so well. So it was quite a surprise when, on my birthday which happens to be World Wildlife Day (not my doing!) we got attacked by a buffalo, and that very nearly killed us both.

Beverly did in fact die in my arms and I got her back – twice.

But while I was at her bedside for months, I started reaching for life’s deeper meaning and rediscovered Dante and his Divine Journey (okay so I was leaning a little ‘darker’ at the time.) But as I reread it, I discovered the direction of the Okavango and our film series’ story. I set out to writing the script. This also reawakened a side of me that I had perhaps taken for granted.

Episode one, Okavango: River of Dreams is called Paradise.

As we all sit in isolation, it is my gift to you to go on a Great Plains virtual safari. So only for our Great Plains supporters and followers, I am adding a Vimeo link below to “Okavango: River of Dreams: Paradise”.

It is so you can also fall in love again, and keep the dream of your safari alive. It’s a journey into nature that has deep parallels and profound meaning to us all. And today protecting the Okavango, the wild places and the wild things there, has never been more relevant to our own survival.

Your complimentary access to Chapter 1 – your code to unlock is OKA2020pt1

Enjoy your virtual safari and Keep the Dream Alive

Dereck Joubert

CEO – Great Plains Conservation

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