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At Great Plains Conservation we love to surprise you. In a good way! A bush dinner, a hand made gift, small things to make your safari a momentous experience. I will personally be taking on that responsibility now. Stand by.

Just because borders are closed, and airports have become like hot zones, preventing you from experiencing a Great Plains Conservation safari for real… it does not mean you have to shut down your senses and not experience our wildernesses at all.

When it comes to you enjoying a safari experience with us, we want you to Keep The Dream Alive! 

I will be sending you a weekly Great Plains virtual ‘experience’ from the wild – it may just be a simple thing – a thread, a hint, a connection to your safari, or something wholly unexpected and different…

Perhaps, like me, you too feel that you know all you need to know about COVID-19. I feel as though I could do a PhD on it! Heck, I may even have a go at developing a vaccine myself! My notes to you will be the antidote to the Corona clutter, and that is the last time, in these dispatches, that I will mention the C-word.

Today, I want to share an amazing sound recording with you – something I captured last week in Kenya’s Maasai Mara while sitting with a herd of elephants. A small female angled herself into the range of a massive bull and presented herself. Quite suddenly, we were in the middle of a very anxious herd of elephants as the pair mated within mere paces from us, but it was the ‘after-mating’ calls that were so exciting.

Listen to this SOUNDCLIP

Enjoy your virtual safari.

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CEO of Great Plains Conservation

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