We invite you to confirm your love for each other in some of Africa’s most idyllic and romantic hideaways. Africa is the birthplace of humankind and let this be the birth of where your romance begins.

There is a way to make your marriage vows last. Come to Africa. With the call of a fish eagle heralding your vows to each other and the breath of Africa’s breeze running her fingers over the tops of the grasses, let your love be recognized under the eternal African sky.

Swear your love in front of an imposing gathering of Maasai men women and warriors all dressed in their finest beadwork and carrying spears, chanting and leaping in the air gives it all a greater meaning. Drift off in a hot air balloon over the Maasai Mara.

Your ceremony is of unique importance and will be delivered by the local elders or a priest from a nearby church. Celebrate your nuptials with either a simple ceremony set out in the middle of an African plain or set against our finest Relais and Chateaux camps.

Instead of having your guests pile up gold wrapped gift boxes with toasters and wine decanters, tell your friends you want to buy a rhino’s freedom. Have your guests all chip in and pay for a rhino to be relocated and released into the wild in Botswana. A gift of freedom, a gift of love not just between two people or between friends but between our species and theirs. A gift to the wild.

Imagine making your marriage about a start of something beyond us, a symbol of the way you live your lives together, unselfishly, about giving rather than taking and about making the world better…

Imagine knowing that you make your promise to one another in the place where Man was born…

Imagine knowing that what you took away was at least equal to what to left behind…


We arrange weddings in all of our Kenya camps and many a celebrity couple have elected to sneak off with a dozen or so close friends for a private and authentic African wedding.


To enable foreigners to register a marriage in Kenya, you need to apply for and obtain a certificate or a license from the Registrar of Marriages in order for them to have a wedding in the ‘bush’. Guests should plan to stay in Nairobi for up to 4 days for all arrangements to be confirmed. The processing of requests takes place from Monday to Friday except Public Holidays.

To apply for a Special License the couple which intend to get married must provide complete and clear copies of the following documentation before travel:

  1. Valid passports-copies with minimum of a 6-month validity;
  2. Birth certificates-copies;
  3. Full residential address of both partners;
  4. Certificate of no impediment to marriage from their respective countries in the case of single persons (bachelor and spinster);
  5. Death certificate and former marriage certificate (if relevant) in the case of a widowed person;
  6. Divorce decree absolute in the case of a divorced person;
  7. Return air ticket for the couple; and
  8. The couple must be physically present before the Registrar of Marriages when the application for the Special License is made. They must remain in the country for the next 4 days which is the period of time the registrar of marriages needs to prepare and issue the Special License.
  9. Once the Special License is issued by the Registrar of Marriages, the couple may they celebrate their wedding in the ‘bush’ with a commissioner, pastor or priest.
  10. Details of occupation for both partners;
  11. Father’s name, full address and occupation;
  12. Separate Statutory Declaration sworn at a Solicitor/Notary Publics office, stating separately that each of the guests are single and free to marry. Each certificate should bear the Solicitors stamp and signature. This must be prepared in your country of residence prior to arrival.
  13. All documentation must be officially translated into English and accompanied by original copies.
  14. Dutch couples must first apply to the Dutch Council for clearance to wed.
  15. 2 x Colour photographs of each person

The couple must bring original copies of the above to Kenya in order to ensure the successful processing of the license.

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