Life as a Lion Cub at Duba Plains

By December 11, 2015Duba Plains Camp

Our six lion cubs from the Tsaro pride are growing up quite fast and if all goes well, their presence is sure to bring about interesting changes in the concession.  The cubs play continuously as they are  developing the skills they will need for hunting and surviving.  They are not camera shy and under the watchful eyes of the lionesses they like to investigate a little closer to the vehicles.  When it looks like they might be venturing too close, they will be scooped up and carried off in their mother’s mouth to a safe distance.

Lion cub Duba Plains

The reality is that life in the Delta is not just fun and games for these fur balls.  There are very real dangers and the cubs are extremely vulnerable.  We recently discovered 3 other cubs of about four weeks old, but sadly we lost one (most likely to the buffaloes).  Their mother is a lone lioness, split from the Tsaro pride, and being a single parent in the bush can be a daunting task.  They have been spotted a few times, but Mom is trying hard to keep them safely tucked away in the greenery for now.

Lioness at Duba PlainsLion cubs are not only vulnerable to other species, but also to their own kind.  A rival male won’t hesitate to remove a cub from the running for future dominant male if he gets a chance.  The lionesses are fierce protectors and will do their best to get their youngsters to adulthood.

Sunset at Duba Plains

Another glorious day at Duba Plains comes to an end in spectacular fashion. We will see what surprises tomorrow brings.