Lions steal a Selinda leopard’s meal

Yesterday morning, Selinda Guests Ingrid and Freddy Dobsak and their guide Mots were following a female leopard with her cub. The leopards led the vehicle to a tree where they had an impala kill stashed quite high up in the branches. Leopards are well known for carrying their kills up trees where they will be safe from other predators… usually.

 While they were watching the two leopards, the big pride of lions, 17 in total, came onto the scene. Obviously they wanted a piece of the action and one of the lionesses actually managed to scramble up the tree to where the impala was. When the leopards realised what was happening they quickly climbed higher and onto the branches of the tree next door. The lioness fed in the tree for a bit while the rest of the pride watched jealously from below, trying hard to get up  – and getting close but not close enough. After a while the carcass fell from the tree and the rest of the pride all managed to get a very small scrap of what was left.  

Needless to say, the guests were incredibly happy with this sighting of a lifetime. We certainly don’t see this everyday! They took all these images.

Lions climbing to leopard's kill at Selinda

A scramble to try and climb the tree

Lions after a leopard kill at Selinda

Coming back down after the impala carcass falls

And an added bonus…try to spot the leopard in this image:

Spot the leopard

Spot the leopard