Ma di Tau returns to Duba Plains

Duba Plains News October 2015


Look who is back at Duba!

Ma di Tau, the queen of the Tsaro pride and one of the stars of Dereck & Beverly Joubert’s movie “The Last Lions” has been calling outside of camp over the last few days. She is as strong and healthy as ever.

She had disappeared for nearly a year and may have come back to see what has been happening with her pride. There has been a lot happening lately: her three little nephews are growing very fast and healthy and have been posing for our guests in perfection.

Cubs at Duba Plains

To all our delight Ma di Tau’s other sister has introduced her little babies to our guests and guides. They are definitely winning Duba’s cutest at the moment and are still seeking their mother’s love and comfort, but can also be very energetic and like all youngsters require their mother’s full attention.

Lion cubs at Duba Plains

We hope that we are right when we say that our Duba prides are growing in strength and we are all very excited to see how the dynamic of the families and prides will develop over the next weeks and months. We’re particularly keen to see if Ma di Tau will return as the queen of Duba Plains.

Our leopards have put on extraordinary performances lately. Two lovers were hissing and kissing, prowling and caressing each other for 4 days, day and night, in bushes and in the open, on termite mounds and on trees. After some action-filled days the two rested happily and satisfied on one of their favorite lookouts.

We are expecting the resulting cubs by the end of December. So Happy Christmas for all our guests coming to Duba at the end of the year. Get your cameras ready!

Leopards at Duba Plains