Mara Plains’ long grass gives new sightings

After longer and slightly delayed rains, the Mara Plains Conservancy is glowing with the long golden red oat grass blowing in the wind. This long grass waving across the plains really brings a whole new dynamic to the conservancy’s ecosystem. One of the most entertaining shows has been the Jackson’s Widow birds in their full plumage, doing their significant display “dances”. Taking a moment to stop and witness this show is spectacular as you see four, five even six of these birds jumping high into the sky trying to lure in the females. It really is quite a show.

We have had some incidences of lions climbing trees. Whether it is to get a better viewpoint to scan across the long oat grass, to get away from the increased amount of flies as the migration gets closer, or if it has been to get away from other predators we’ve seen a few instances of big cats looking very comfortable in trees. These Enkoyanai cubs thought it would be a great idea to relax for the afternoon perched up in the canopy.

Lions in tree, Mara Plains Lions climbing tree in Mara Plains