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A Mara Plains Camp walk-through video this Watch Wednesday

By 25th Aug 2022Sep 16th, 2022Watch Wednesday


The Mara Plains Camp walkthrough video forms the perfect opportunity to see where you will stay before heading out to hear the drumming cacophony of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands of wildebeest. Their unique sound fills my ears as I sit on the banks of the Mara River today. The chaos is infectious because something is intoxicating about those crossings. One has to mostly blinker your mind from the other vehicles and people and just go with the flow, I suppose.

Today, as a crossing from Tanzania headed towards the Kenyan side, we witnessed it all alone, which is in itself a rare moment (besides the sixty thousand or so wildebeest). Leaping, jostling, racing animals snaked their way across the deep water and out again. This spectacle again reminded me of this almost miraculous annual event’s uniqueness.

Beverly and I have spent a few weeks in the Maasai Mara, staying between Mara Toto Camp, Mara Nyika Camp, Mara Expedition Camp and Mara Plains Camp. We have enjoyed multiple cheetah sightings and hunts, lions everywhere and leopards almost daily. But for weeks, the river crossings were weak. So we flew across to Bushtops Camp in Northern Serengeti to find the migration, and we were not disappointed. Of course, as we arrived, the herds turned north again, heading back to our Maasai Mara-based safari cam

Today’s camp walk-through is a Mara Plains Camp video. Mara plains Camp is a Réserve Collection safari camp offering the ultimate in Maasai Mara wildlife safari experiences.

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