It never ceases to amaze us how time passes in the bush. It feels like just yesterday we were bidding farewell to February, yet we’ve crammed so much excitement and activity into the past few weeks since.

March has been a month of ‘dumelas’ or ‘hellos’ here at Selinda. We recently welcomed new guide OB to the team. We’re delighted he’s chosen to join us and share his impressive guiding experience with our staff and guests alike. Learning our vast network of winding sandy roads is a feat in itself, but when there’s so much to see out there, it will hardly feel like work.

Regular readers of Bush Buzz will also have noticed our newest, furriest hello of late: a spotty little ball of fluff with an already sharp set of claws. Yes, our resident leopardess, Lesego, gave birth to a character-filled cub a couple of months ago.

Lesego and her cub

Lesego and her cub

It’s always exciting to have babies in the concession, especially when they’re cats, but finding them so close to our camp has made this particular arrival extra special. While we don’t have a name for the little guy yet, we did manage to capture its cuteness on camera.

Another great welcome is a feathered one – and a wholly unexpected one at that! While many a bird book and fundi may tell you otherwise, collared palm thrushes do in fact occur in our part of the country. We made the discovery the other morning amidst the towering mokolwane palms in camp, where we spotted a pair casually hanging out together. An unexpected birder’s delight.

And then of course, there’s been a hearty dumela to a few new tastes coming out of our kitchen recently, too. Our lovely head chef, Siya, and her fabulous team have been refreshing our menu here and there. From bright new salads to artisan ice creams, there’s something for every palate. Of course we can’t give away too many secrets – you’ll have to come and taste the delights for yourself.
We have had some outstanding Leopard sightings this month, the numbers in Selinda just keep growing.

Painted wolves, Selinda Reserve

Painted wolves – always busy and on the move

Painted wolves remain a favourite on the reserve with three packs often seen in the region, even hunting through the camp itself.

So as we bid farewell to another magical month in the bush, it’s a great big hello to April and all it holds in store for us. See you there?

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