Meet Bokamoso The Leopard – Zarafa Camp, Botswana

Meet Bokamoso, the Leopard, she is using this tree to scan for prey not far from Zarafa Camp.

The Young Female is almost 3 and half years old so she will have left her mother around two years ago.

Bokamoso, meaning future in Setswana, is a very appropriate name for this endangered animal. Protecting these species one by one is critical for their future.  Selinda Reserve has been a non hunting area since 2006 when it was immediately stopped by Great Plains. Knowing that Bokamoso is within a protected environment is one small step to a mammoth task.

Please let us know if you have seen Bokamoso, or if you manage to do so on your visits.  The more recorded sightings help us considerably in our studies.

Images and text by Reuben Mojoo, Zarafa Professional Guide



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