Meet Isaac – Head guide in the Selinda Concession

By December 3, 2013Uncategorized

Isaac was born in the Okavango Delta, where, as a little boy he spent lots of time hunting with his father and grandfather, resulting in a love affair with nature and all its beauty that was destined to continue growing.

It was therefore a natural progression for Isaac to become a safari guide, a career for him, starting back in 1993. Over the years he has consistently strived to further his education, which has included spending some time in Zimbabwe in pursuit of his walking guide qualification. His recent promotion to head guide for Great Plains Conservation Botswana will see Isaac spending more of his time coaching, motivating and managing the effectiveness of the guiding team together with the day-to-day guiding operations within the concessions. He has also been an active member of BOTA (Botswana Training Authority) since 2008, assisting in setting up the standards for guides training in Botswana.

Isaac derives great joy out of sharing his vast bush knowledge and experiences with anyone and everyone.  Equally, he is able to focus on various interests and specialties that his visitors may have and as such is truly guest-driven. Included in his skill set is photography and he continues to spend most of his spare time studying in order to further his guiding and management skills.

On the home front Isaac is also a husband and father of three children – two girls and a boy. To Isaac their education is just as important as his own, providing him with even more motivation, commitment and dedication on the work front.

Isaac’s dream to become a guide trainer for the company one day, and maybe more, doesn’t end there. He would also like to establish a business within his local community. One that all, especially the elderly and children, can benefit from.