Mud, Elephants and Champage – a days work – Selinda Camp

The plan was to have a suprise sundowner for our guests at Starpan, so we loaded up the vehicle with everything we needed and set off with plenty of time to spare, an easy evening drive I said.

We were busy driving down a road, that had not been used in a number of weeks, and came across a long long stretch of water. Rather than using common sense and turn around, I had already engaged 4×4 driving through knee deep water which turned to thick mud – we were stuck.  After making a super tow rope, out of 3 individual ropes, we were pulled unstuck by our mechanics and back on track for our mission. Looking down I realised was by now covered head to tow in mud!

We passed a lone bull elephant as we arrived, who was also making his way towards our meeting place, so we just had to unpack quickly and get set up while he watched to see if there was anything that might take his fancy. It turned out he did not have a taste for champagne and canapés after all.

No sooner was the table and drinks set up the first guests car arrived and the whole sundowner looked like it had been perfectly timed after all!

It was only once the guests noticed I was still drenched in rather stagnant water did they start to joke that maybe NOT everything had gone to plan.

The lengths we go to in the bush! – Stuart and the Selinda Team


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