We have a new member of staff here at Selinda. This one works more on a volunteer basis and focuses more on the pest control side of the maintenance team. Meet Madison our Flap Necked Chameleon who is always on standby if there is anything large buzzing around the rooms. Her favourite hangouts include the Teak Tree right next to our breakfast area and she loves anything that looks tasty and is attracted to the lights in the evenings. She is also filling in as more of an advisory role as she has been found to be a very good listener to anyone that has an exciting story to tell.

P1010339 (800x600)

Let’s just hope that the elephants are also inspired to join the Great Plains team and help us in picking up the fences which they so generously knock over each night. At least they are keeping us all in shape lifting them back up but it would be lovely to convert at least one of these ruffians to come to our aid.

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