A new Wild dog pack on the Selinda Reserve has been discovered.  We have named it the “Explorers Pack” which consists of just 4 individuals.  Led by an Alpha female we suspect  that they have split from a pack from the north, possibly the Kwando area.

They are incredibly distinct being very dark.  One of the males is almost completely black which contrasts with the Selinda packs lightly coloured dogs.  They are very relaxed around people, one evening they walked casually into a mobile camp we set up between Explorers Camp and Selinda Camp.  The following morning they were seen hunting an Impala through the camp.  Their main hunting grounds are around our new Explorers Camp and they have been seen chasing an killing an Imapala in the camp.

The Selinda Reserve is one of the best places in Africa to see the endangered mammals.  Estimates vary from 2,500 to 3,500. The Explorers Pack brings the potential packs to be sighted to four, the mainly resident Selinda Pack and the Kwando Pack in the North and Savuti Pack in the south, who occasionally visit.

We look forward to the denning season where the Selinda pack have been denning successfully between Zarafa and Selinda Camps for a number of years.  Last year produced 9 puppies of which 7 have survived to date with a pack of 13 in total.

exp dog

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