News from ol Donyo – May 2015

 stormMay has been a month of wonderful storms and busy days of maintenance, getting Ol Donyo lodge looking tip-top for the coming high season. We have had an average amount of rainfall – so not a bad “long rains” season but not a fantastic one either. It still looks as though we might get a bit more in the next week so we’re hopeful for a little something extra to fill up the tanks and keep the grass green a moment longer.

The vegetable gardens are in great condition and it looks like we’ve timed the next lettuce crop to perfection so that it’ll bherbse ready to harvest with the next influx of guests. The herb garden (or “empire” as we like to call it!) is also taking off with the addition of some recycled car tyre pots and rusty buckets from the stables. The mint cuttings have taken well and we have coriander, parsley, basil, dill, sage, chives, rosemary and thyme that have all germinated from seed!

The new solar hot water system for all of the rooms are nearly complete, we can’t wait to have them up and running!

The horses have been enjoying some thoroughly needed rest and relaxation, and are now back in fitness work. The rainy season is a time for them to enjoy some green grass, put on a little bit of weight and rest any creaky joints or painful niggles. They’ve been coming down to the waterholes most days to sample the luscious well-fertilised (thank you elephants!) grass and enjoy the social scene with the locals there!

lionsThe lions have been very active towards the end of the month, and we have had a real treat from the sisters Nosi noni and Nelowua. Both were seen back in February looking heavily pregnant, and they have finally revealed their cubs… Seven in total, perhaps a month apart in age and absolutely enchanting!

We’ve also had great sightings of the proud father Kasiyo as well as Nosi noni’s previous litter of cubs who are now over a year old. We’re hoping that the single female in that group will re-join her mother and aunt soon and get a proper pride going. We’ll keep you updated on that one!