Newsflash – 3 New Lion Cubs – Selinda Reserve

We have 3 new arrivals on the Selinda Reserve, 3 tiny ten day old lion cubs were spotted for the first time yesterday.

Mots (Selinda Camp guide)  was following one of the Wakpuka pride females .  She walked over to an acacia bush to reveal  three tiny little cubs, probably not even 2 weeks old. One of the cubs eyes were not even open yet.  They were meowing just like little kittens sensing their mothers presence.

We get very very excited when these events happen.  Not only are they very rare, with only around 25,000 lions left on the planet, but it begins the story of their delicate little lives.  We will look to chronicle the events of these cats, and even to sex them at some point, and keep you updated as their lives develop at Selinda.

We have initiated a “sensitive sighting” policy for the location of the cubs which limits the number of visits and only ever one vehicle to the site.  We will also not allow any night driving to the site. They are extremely vulnerable to Hyaena, Leopard, and other Lions so we will ensure they are protected.  She will have moved from her pride to protect them for the next few weeks.

We will keep you posted.

24-02-2013 Selinda Lioncups 07 - Willem Bakhuys Roozeboom


24-02-2013 Selinda Lioncups 04 - Willem Bakhuys Roozeboom


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